Two weekends ago Isaac and I went for a walk.

The Beginning, Bedford Avenue and Avenue Y

A very long walk.

Bedford Victorian

Almost the entire length of Bedford Avenue, give or take a block or two. Why? Because Bedford is either the longest or the second longest street contained entirely within the Borough of Kings (aka, Brooklyn). Who wouldn’t want to walk that?


Walking the length of Bedford Avenue takes you through every type of house, neighborhood and era imaginable. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s a walk through history.

The End, Greenpoint

For those not in Brooklyn or not able to take the walk, click on any photo for an annotated map of our amblings.


~ by ann on January 15, 2008.

One Response to “Bedford”

  1. I left a message on your blog, but hadn’t looked through each and every photo and your comments. Ann, I love the way you think and see. You’ve actually made me homesick – and I never even lived in Brooklyn! (Just Nassau, where I grew up, and Manhattan when I was a young, hip 20-something.)

    e-hugs to you! Thank you for posting your beautiful New York diary!

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