The Other Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge gets all the press.

Brooklyn Bridge From The Manhattan Bridge

She gets all the best scenes in movies, hundreds of books are written about her.  But where do you get the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge?  From the Manhattan Bridge of course.

Manhattan Bridge

Built entirely out of steel and completely in 1909, it may lack the gothic gravitas of the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s gorgeous in it’s own right, with lovely, small details that you can only appreciate when you’re up close.

Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge has two walkways: one of bikers, one for walkers.  This alone makes it vastly superior to the Brooklyn Bridge for walking, but since all the tourists opt to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s a nicer stroll entirely.

Manhattan Bridge

It’s fall, the very best time for walking in New York City, so get out there, walk over the Manhattan Bridge.  If you start in Manhattan and walk to Brooklyn, you can reward yourself with some Jacques Torres hot chocolate on the other side, or brunch at Bubby’s or a pie at Grimaldi’s or a Man of Leisure at Jack the Horse Tavern.

Manhattan Bridge

If you walk from Brooklyn into Chinatown and the Lower East Side reward yourself with dim sum at Dim Sum Go Go, or burgers and herring at Good World, or pho at Nha Trang or a panini at ‘inoteca.

Because, isn’t that why we walk to begin with?  Food!


~ by ann on September 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Other Bridge”

  1. Great pictures and I’ve only checked out the food on the Manhattan side of the bridge but damn, there’s lot’s of wonderful stuff there!

  2. Next time we’ll get you over to Brooklyn!

  3. Hello. Those are pretty cool pictures.

  4. I remember noisy trains over the manhattan bridge 🙂

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