No Thanks

I’m a Coca-Cola girl myself.

Old Pepsi Sign

But I couldn’t resist this Pepsi sign on Sixth Avenue, just on the northside of Sunset Park. At first I very nearly didn’t stop to take a picture of it. It’s so perfect I thought it was a reproduction. But then I looked again, and again, and I just got the feeling it had been there for ages.

Old Pepsi Sign

I’m obsessed with the font. It’s so elegant, yet workmanlike. I can imagine the signmaker making all those perfect curves and arcs and swoops with his protractor. It’s amazing how it has faded and rusted to be almost exactly the same color as the brick.


~ by ann on July 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “No Thanks”

  1. I like the font on the slogan “Drink Pepsi” myself. Kind of like the classically elegant font on Harper’s Bazaar magazine. I wonder how many people outside the business [design, publishing, advertising] notice such things. But I’m guessing even without noticing, they’re affected by the mood a font evokes. Oh, and I’m a Pepsi guy—specifically Diet Pepsi unless rum is involved.

  2. do you think it was painted for a spike lee movie?

  3. That is such a great font. I love typography in the wild.

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