Old & New

Is there anyone out there that still relies on an aerial for their television signal anymore?


I recently spent an evening watching the sun set and relaxing on our friends’ roof a few blocks away.

On Top of Old Tudor

There is no better place to pass an evening than a New York City roof.  It’s magical.

Bay Ridge From Above

The hubbub of the City slides away, the breezes feel sweeter, the cocktails are more refreshing.  You can keep your beach.  I’ll take a roof any day.


~ by ann on July 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Old & New”

  1. I’d love to join you up there, but I’m pretty sure that the neighbors, after giving me the evil eye, would call the cops about the crazy woman on the roof of her house. 😉

  2. Despite my big height fear I love being on a roof. That’s a great view you have from that one.

  3. Once when I visited a Brooklyn buddy, she told me I could go up on the roof of her building if I liked, but that no one did. I took a glass of wine up there. She was right—no one did. There was a coat of grime on the cheap plastic table and chairs the building management [I’m guessing] had supplied. But the view was so nice. If I lived there, I would be up on the roof all the time—with dinner, drinks, a book… Oh, yes. And my TV has rabbit ears. No cable for me—TV already intrudes too much in my life as it is.

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