The Yankees

I love baseball, but I am a slightly apathetic fan. I don’t pay attention to off-season trades. In fact I barely pay attention to what happens during Spring Training. I always watch the first couple games of the season, but then my interest fades a little.

This year, however, has been slightly different. Being a Yankees fan this year has been interesting; their early losing ways, the Feds’ interests in Giambi, A-Rod’s blond cutie-pie, Jeter getting old, and don’t even start me on our starting pitching rotation, it’s felt a bit like watching a soap opera.

The Yankees

And then The Rocket came back.

The Boy and I just happened to have bought tickets for his return. It was the best time I’ve ever had at Yankee Stadium. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. Clemens pitched well and my beloved Yankees sent the Pirates home with their tails between their legs.

Roger Clemens

And I discovered my new favorite thing to do at the Stadium… Watching the swallows. When you’re sitting up in the top tier during a day game, you can see them chasing bugs with their single-minded obsessivness, swooping and diving in operatic parabolas, oblivious to the men and their silly game taking place just below them.

You can spot them by their double forked tail, dark top and rust-tinged pale pink bellies. Of course I’m talking about the birds, not the ballplayers.


~ by ann on June 14, 2007.

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