November 4, 2008

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I ♥ NY

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As usual in New York, everything is torn down

Before you have time to care for it.

Head bowed, at the shrine of noise, let me try to recall

What building stood here.  Was there a building at all?

~James Merrill An Urban Convalescence

Fly With Floyd

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Floyd Bennett Field was New York City’s first municipal airport.

Despite mayor Fiorello LaGuardia‘s best efforts, it never caught on with commercial airlines or package delivery companies (who preferred Newark airport) and was thus doomed to failure.

It was however popular with daredevil fliers and the U.S. military.

These days Floyd Bennett Field is popular with model airplane pilots, bikers and hikers. We tried to hike, but were thwarted by the most aggressive mosquitoes I’ve seen outside of the state of Maine.

It’s also popular with birds, cricketeers, astronomers and gardeners.

The Intrepid‘s Concorde is living here (some might say, not so happily) while the aircraft carrier is rehabbed. There is no connection between Floyd Bennett Field and the supersonic jet.

Floyd Bennett was eventually superceded by LaGuardia and, eventually JFK. Every few minutes you spend at Floyd Bennett will be interrupted by the sound of the engines of planes coming in for a landing at JFK. It’s fun to try and figure out the carrier painted on each planes’ tail.

We thought Floyd Bennett would be a great place to tape a U.S. version of the best show on television, but apparently the birds don’t think so. Oh well.

Happy Birthday!

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To the most iconic bridge in the world

Brooklyn Bridge

On the occasion of her 125th birthday

Brooklyn Bridge

I’d just like to say

Brooklyn Bridge

I’ll never try to sell you to anyone ever again

Brooklyn Bridge

Because you already belong to the hearts of so many.

Brooklyn Bridge

May we all look so good and mean so much to so many upon reaching such a momentous milestone.

Brooklyn Bridge

Happy birthday Brooklyn Bridge!

Brooklyn Bridge

If you’d like to join in on the celebrations, click here for the full schedule.

Snow Day

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Snow has been a rare occurrence this winter.

Iron Gate

So when I woke up to a veritable blizzard last week, the idea of going to work suddenly seemed more appealing.


Taking pictures while walking to the subway is a delightful cure for the common commute.


There was a guy walking behind me who seemed completely mystified as to why I would voluntarily spend one second longer then necessary outside.


I didn’t notice until I got home that evening and looked at these photos how delicate and crystalline the snow was.


It was a wonderful day.


Storm’s A Brewin’

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We turned up the Bowery on a bright sunny Sunday and walked directly into the darkest, flatest, steeliest grey sky I have ever seen.

Empire State Building

It looked like a giant movie monster should be entering stage left to destroy the city. It was so ominous. Thankfully the only thing it was a harbinger of was a furious snow flurry.

Guard Pugs

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I was trying to take a picture of these three pugs that were cowering next to their home and making snorfly pug noises.

Pugs On Patrol

On the first shot, my camera focused on the fence, so I got the photo you see above.

As I stood there fiddling, trying to get the camera to do what I wanted, the middle pug got fed up and with a horrific, dragon-like woof/whimper came charging at the fence, scaring the bejezus out of me and amusing Isaac nearly to the point of rolling on the sidewalk and crying, he was laughing so hard.

Needless to say I did not get a second shot.